book cover of The Art of Weapons: Armed and Unarmed Self-Defense. By Marc Tedeschi.
One in a series of remarkable books that provide an in-depth look at the core concepts and techniques shared by a broad range of martial arts styles. This illuminating work outlines the essential principles and techniques that define armed and unarmed self-defense involving common weapons. More than 1400 outstanding photographs introduce over 350 practical techniques spanning seven fundamental classes of weapons—knife, short-stick, staff, cane, rope, common objects, and defense against handguns—the mastery of which provides practitioners with a range of skills that will allow them to wield almost anything as a weapon. Each weapons chapter provides a detailed, authoritative overview of important technical principles, tactics, weapon types, grips, stances, and fundamental strikes and blocks, followed by numerous self-defense applications. Introductory chapters cover weapons philosophy, energetic concepts, 106 Oriental pressure points, and a visual comparison of different martial arts, making this an invaluable resource for all martial styles. Reviews of Marc Tedeschi's book 'The Art of Weapons: Armed and Unarmed Self-Defense'
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